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We are delighted to introduce our Group to you, "Bandon Playground Group" formed in 2017 comprising of seven core members, our mission is to develop a New Outdoor Play Park on a 1 acre site adjacent to the Muga Skate Park and transform this by creating an all-inclusive public Play Park.


We as parents and members of our community feel that the current playground is not fit for purpose, is a safety hazard, outdated and in need of complete re-design. In December 2017 we formed a Company limited by guarantee and we are now a registered charity with the goal of delivering a playground in Bandon for the benefit of the entire community.


Play is part of healthy child development, and "at the end of the day all the children want to do is play".!!


It was recommended that our group develop the playground, by doing so we would be able to implement suggestions from the community, and also it would create community spirit and the final result would be a Play Area like no other. 


Ann Bambury / Chairperson 

Declan O'Neill / Secretary 

Ronan Kelleher / Treasurer 

Olive Bonar 

Kate Hallissey 

Eileen Crowley Lane 

Gavin Kiely

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